Pickle Making business plan


Home based small scale business plan is Pickle making.

The pickle business plan is a great business plan to start ones entrepreneurial journey. This business can be started with a small investment. Pickle is a most popular item. Pickles are made by mixing a certain proportion of ingredients for different fruits, spices, vegetables.Basically, different types of fruits are pickled to preserve them for a long time. Pickles are also very tasty to eat.This ritual is

very popular in India and all over the world.Mango pickles are very popular in  different states of India And other popular pickles like Ginger Garlic pickle,Chili pickle, Curry leaf pickle, Lemon pickle, Coriander pickle, Carrot pickle etc.

Equipment :

Pickles can be made with home kitchen utensils but at least some of the tools are needed to run a slightly larger business. A container is needed to mix the ingredients. Once the mixture is ready, some packing machines are needed to pack it and weighing machines to weigh different sizes, different types of machines are needed. Space –  You don’t need a big space to start this business, you can start your own business in the beginning. There are many successful business men like this who started their business from their own kitchen and have become big business today. Once your business is running, think of new places to expand your business.

Investment :

It doesn’t take much investment to start a pickle making business. Basically it can be started from home and most of the equipment you have in kitchen. And there will be some cost to get the license such as FSSAI license, Trade license etc. There will be some cost to buy different types of materials such as different types of fruits, spices, oils, different types of vegetables, etc. and how much raw material you need to invest, you will decide according to the demand in your area.

Licences & Permits :

Some licenses are required to start this business. It helps to legalize your business as well as provide the terms and conditions for conducting business. Required licenses include.

  • Trade License : Trade License Basically if you are in a corporation  area, you have to apply to the corporation. If you are in a municipality or rural area, you have to apply for a block office in a rural area and a municipal office for a municipal area. You need to apply, fill out a specific office form, paste your photo in a specific place and submit with the application what business you are starting. Where are you starting the business, how big is the business with area etc. You will get the license within a week of giving

  • GST : GST registration, among other licenses very applicable to business. The state helps to maintain a uniform tax structure for businesses to supply goods across the border. GST licences are required when you start the business.

  • FSSAI License : FSSAI is an agency under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. It protects public health through food safety control and supervision. And controls the food quality of products sold in the market. FSSAI license is mandatory for food processing business. Each packaged product involved in this licensed food-related activity comes with an FSSAI certificate and number that guarantees product quality.



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