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If you are interested in food business then this article is very valuable for you. Here is a list of 10 food business ideas that will help you start your business.. These ideas are low-cost and easy to implement. However, please note that as you are starting a food business, you need to gain knowledge related to food safety and food handling practice as applicable to your business.

  1. Restaurant

First food based business idea is a restaurant.The demand for restaurant business is increasing day by day because now it has become a fashion to eat fast food. So the demand for restaurant food is increasing among everyone. Various Chinese items like chaomin, momo etc Various Mughlai Item such as biryani different types of rolls, kebabs etc. You can start any type of restaurant, big or small, depending on your capital, you require a good chef for cooking food. But you can also start a business with a franchise of a big restaurant company like KFC, Domino’s. etc. they have franchises in different cities.

  1. Ice cream shop

The next food-based business idea is ice cream shop. It is an evergreen business idea. This idea can be started with low investments. The ice cream business is a very lucrative business. People from all walks of life love to eat ice cream and now the demand for

ice cream from branded companies is very high. So it is a good idea to take franchises of famous ice cream company.Ice cream companies pay up to 35 percent profit to its dealers. And if you wholesale with your customers you can run the business with a 25% to 30% discount for the wholesaler and sell retail in your local area without any discount.

  1. Juice Shop

 The next food-based business idea is Juice Shop. You can club this   business with your ice cream shop or even you can start separate Juice shop. This business is a very profitable business. You can trade this business with more than 100% profit. Demand is high at various street corners or locations where the locality is good in office areas, bus stands, railway stations, hospitals etc.



  1. Grocery Store

Grocery stores are the first name among the primary businesses. If you are asking about

the business of ordinary people, the idea of ​​grocery business is in their head first.  Anyone can start this business with a small shop. This is a very lucrative business but before starting the business you have to do research on different items. How do you sell in retail and where do you buy from? In this business you can do whatever you want retail and wholesale.Moreover, you can grow your business by associating your store with different e-commerce companies

  1. Coffee Shop

The culture of drinking tea and coffee is increasing nowadays. It gives birth to a business called as a coffee shop. You can start this business by investing very little money. According to the area, several times more profit can be made from this business.

For example, if your shop is in a street corner, the price of a cup of tea can be between Rs 5 and Rs 10, but if your shop is in a shopping mall or 5 star hotel, the price of a cup of tea can be between Rs 50 and Rs 100.


  1. Organic Food Shop 

Nowadays the awareness about healthy living has increased a lot among people in cities or villages. Everyone is very conscious about their health so the demand for organic agricultural products to maintain good health is increasing. This is a very profitable business and if you can start this business now it is very good because there is very little competition in this business now.


  1. Tiffin Services

Starting a tiffin services is a very viable home based business idea. No one has time to cook to keep them busy in the office or other activities outside. Everyone need food, if you are good at cooking tasty food at reasonable price you can start this business. You need to do proper market research before starting this business. In order to do this business you need to publicize your business in different offices that you provide tiffin service. Or make a leaflet in the name of your business, make a visiting card, go to different offices and hand it to the employees, they will call you if they are interested, this is how you can start a business. Investment required for this business is very low. Tasty food and timely delivery is success of your business.

  1. Food truck business

Nowadays, the dynamism of the food truck restaurant business is growing very fast, especially in India and other developing countries. Compared to other format restaurants, Food Truck Restaurant allows you to do business as long as you like in any locality wherever you like which can be done much more surprisingly and much faster than any permanent restaurant.If you don’t own a shop in a good corporate area and you don’t want to rent a shop, you can easily buy a mobile food truck in that area with the rent you need


all year round and you don’t have to rent a house every month. You can go to any part of the city and do business in different office areas, bus stand, railway station, college, university, places where you can do business all day long in just a few hours.Moreover, if you do not have money to do business, you can get up to 35 percent subsidy if you take a loan through many government schemes.


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  1. Diet Food Shop

Nowadays all people are very conscious about their health so that those who are eating different diet foods to correct their body weight and A lot of people are interested to increase body weight and ready to accept diet food one type of diet food so this business is very lucrative business for the future. You can start your own home-based business tomorrow with very little competition and you need to research the market well before you can start this business.

You can merge the business with different e-commerce companies or sell it by creating your own ecommerce website or now you can do this business on Amazon Flipkart and also start this business by opening a store in your area.

  1. Ice & Soda Shop

This business can be done with a capital of 1 lakh to 2 lakh. Very lucrative and popular business now this business. Slightly 100 to 200 square feet of space can be done. It is very good to do this business in different busy areas and in front of schools and colleges. A profit margin in this business is very high. You need to make a small investment of purchasing


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